Create your program look and feel
Add in your exact brand colours with the CMYK picker. Pick your logo and your image and it’s instantly unique! If your branding changes or you want a different look, just change it on the fly and have no interruption to the program at all.
Create your workflow or change it
You create roles and responsibilities and assign the workflow for your program. If you start the program and you want to change the workflow, simply change it and they system will adapt. If your program is managed by a third party, it’s as simple as adding them into the workflow.
Complicated drug calculations and logistics made simple
We have a smart dose calculator which allows complex dosage calculations to accurately forecast orders for vials/packs of your drug. These calculations feed into the purchase orders too so even the most complex cost-sharing or private program can be made simple.
Pharmacy accountability & compounding
Our inventory management helps track the drug at pharmacy and you can control reorder limit quantity so you can avoid unnecessary inventory on pharmacy shelves. If your drug requires compounding, we’ve built in that functionality too so that the supply remains as smooth as possible.
Purchase order creation
Whether you have a customer service team or you outsource the program management, the automatic purchase order creation will allow you to keep track of the supply and the important financial components of your program.
We offer free demand analytic and order reports with the system.
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