Patient Access Program Solutions for Innovative Healthcare Businesses
Medicines Access Programs need more flexibility so they can meet the needs of patients TODAY. We provide leading healthcare businesses with flexible options so that they can be in control and customise their programs in real time. Now patients can have access to life-changing medicines faster and we think that’s pretty inspiring!
How users fit into our Digital Patient Access Program
Give your internal staff digital control over your entire Patient Access Program

We have segmented pharmaceutical users into 4 roles which allows individuals within your organisation to have different permissions when managing the Patient Access Program.

Customer Service Officers

Register unlimited administrators in the system who have the most powerful role and have complete data management access from a secure and authenticated members area.

  • Administrators are responsible for the initial data setup at your Patient Access Program. This ranges from adding unlimited medicines for access, defining indications for each medicine, and creating the specialities the Patient Access Program will oversee.
  • Through our powerful Content Management System, the administrator can setup your branding within the platform and add all your content specific information such as privacy policies, terms and contact information.
  • Administrators can view, add, edit and remove all user accounts registered at the Patient Access Program.
  • The administrator will define the patient request approval path and assign custom internal roles for different approval steps.
  • Administrators can view, update and cancel a patient request at any time.
  • The administrator at all times will be in control of the quality of data entered in the system.


Register unlimited approvers who will belong to an internal role and are responsible for the approval of all patient requests in your Patient Access Program.

  • Approvers receive real time notifications when required to action a patient request which ensures a seamless approval process.
  • An approver in your Patient Access Program can approve or reject a patient request.
  • Approvers will be able to view all historical patient requests and patient orders that belong to their speciality.

Customer Service

Register unlimited customer service officers in your Patient Access Program who are responsible for completing patient orders and ensuring they are delivered to the appropriate pharmacy location for patient pick up.

  • Your customer service officers will be able to enter in shipping, delivery and system information when confirming a patient order.
  • Customer service officers have a great snapshot of the system with access to all patient request and patient orders through the secure members area.
  • A customer service officer can unlock orders and allow the pharmacy to generate purchase orders immediately if a patient requires the drug sooner.


Register unlimited observers in the Patient Access Program who will have a read only permission to monitor the physicians registered, patient requests created and patient orders generated. Whether it is an MSL or Patient Safety Officer, you can decide who else you want to monitor the platform and ensure it runs smoothly.

Physicians can register within minutes at the Patient Access Program
  • Physicians who register will have their account reviewed by the pharmaceutical administrator before they can create a patient request.
  • Once a physician is approved at the Patient Access Program they can submit a patient request within their approved speciality.
  • Once a patient request is submitted a physician is notified as soon as the patient request is approved or rejected.
  • At any time a physician can log into the Patient Access Program and view their entire patient requests submitted along with the orders generated for those patients.
  • Physicians will be provided with links and documentation to help patients begin treatment with the medication in the correct manner.
Pharmacies can now generate purchase orders online and help patients receive their medicines faster

The Patient Access Program caters for both regular pharmacies and compounding pharmacies.

  • A regular pharmacy can be assigned to a patient request, and once submitted the pharmacy will receive notification to complete their registeration and gain immediate access to the Patient Access Program.
  • Depending on the medicine, a compounding pharmacy can be assigned to a patient request if the patient and medicine requires the involvement of a compounder.
  • Regular pharmacies will generate secure online purchase orders.
  • Once a purchase order has been generated the customer service team or compounding pharmacy will be notified depending on the requirements of the patient order.
  • Compounding pharmacies can securely log in to the Patient Access Program and confirm any orders that are awaiting their action.

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